Artist Studies

Since working on large canvas paintings, I have found the need to work on more immediate images beyond small sketches in preparation for future paintings.

Unfortunately, many of these were destroyed because of my lack of experience with the pastel medium and protective sprays on black paper. I am completely heartbroken but decided to share these pieces as reproduction prints so as to keep them alive and enjoyed. I do intend to take some of these images further into large canvas work at some point.

Prisms of Debauchery

This body of work began from having a series of hypnagogic hallucinations. Waking up and seeing projections of my dream state with my eyes open in complete darkness. The figures appear to be in black and white with shards and prisms of colorful light reflecting into rainbow patterns, drips, lines and bubbles. The figures are visibly in pain and reaching out, terrified and saddened. Their mouths forming silent screams and appear to be aging and distorting before my eyes. I struggle to see clearly in the darkness as these images break up, fade in and out and often become too dark to see. Often, they appear to be wearing circus and religious garb or nothing at all, looking fragile, slow and have no distinct gender. I am still working out these visuals and concepts within my subconscious, combined with my interests in historical and cultural traditions within societies which both separate and unite humanity. The insertion of various elements from my life experiences, places, memories, literature and the arts also make their way throughout. Working on unprimed canvas has given me both the tactile experience of building my surface from raw cloth while forcing the paint into the canvas, as well as the quality of color, light and the darkness in my visions. Materials used are acrylic, watercolor, charcoal and pastel.


As a teaching artist, I offer a wide selection art programs for children of all ages in various locations.

  • Art Lab – focusing on printmaking & abstract painting. Class styles include summer art camps, workshops, intensive art study programs
  • NYC Public Schools – “artist in residence” program for 4+ weeks that complements official school curriculum
  • Home classes – hourly and package rates available

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Currently all classes have been affected by the pandemic, so please contact me for availability.


Liza Lou – Color Field… “Field of Togetherness”

Truth.. There is something that the viewer no matter how successful the message is delivered thru the work cannot experience, and that is the experience of the process.
Then we have Color Field by Liza Lou. I love that this artist brought in other people to produce this work being that it has so much to do with “uncelebrated labor.” Most of the time artists work alone. Our concepts are so internal and personal. Our experience with the process is solely our own. This art celebrates labor, celebrates the attention to the process of making something. That is why now when I look at this piece I find so much joy and happiness. I feel the togetherness of strangers being civilized and human to one another. The stories they share.. The bonding they experienced through process.. As an artist it reminds me that even when the viewer doesn’t understand what it is viewing.. well it doesnt even always matter. If people don’t take the time to understand what is presented in front of them well it is truly their loss!
Thank you Liza Lou! heart emoticon #lizalou #colorfield #lizalouartist

New Class Workshop for Fall – Creative Sketchbook – Paint & Pens

Just Added! New For Fall!
Creative Sketchbook – Paint & Pens
4 to 6 week workshop (meets once a week)

Learn simple exercises for releasing creative inhibitions in your sketchbook. Practice with pens and paint learning then how to lose control and gain control or your imagery. I guarantee you will be hooked! This is a great way to get comfortable with paint, color palettes and ink while training your eye and mind to see things differently. We will discuss how to take these exercises and work them into larger paintings and finished pieces of work!

See all my workshops and classes available here https://mariaalekseevart.com/classes

Sketchbook- Ideas in progress

I finally started working in a sketchbook again. I use my sketchbook from back to front. I can’t seem to start with the first page! Even when I do, I go a few pages in first! I haven’t really been faithful to a sketchbook since I graduated. I am enjoying the “less pressure” feel and using it to experiment with some new ideas. These ideas are more dare I say “commercial” in nature but I am trying to keep my particular style intact.
I know I can pump these out big time if I needed to but something AS ALWAYS keeps me from producing the amount of work I should or could be doing.
I wish I knew exactly what it is that holds me back. Well for one, I still feel like I am my only fan!