Artist Statement

OpticVoid (Maria Alekseev)

The motivation and intent for my artwork comes from my questioning and being provoked by the human body; particularly its vulnerability within our cognitive and physical actuality.

I am also intrigued by the concept of hybridization; the fusing of biological forms, investigating the ideas of crossbreeding, constructing the unknown, creating and informing the unfamiliar. Exploring the beliefs where intellect, experience, morals and dreams intersect, creating fragmented realities, concepts, feelings and states of mind.

My concepts began with visual thoughts of seeing through my own skin as my body is confronted by illness, viewing this manipulation and decay of my inner systems. Through layers, be they cerebral or through paint, I reinforce and confront this sense of skin, a casting, a sheath, the many tiers of covering on the surface, however so vulnerable and fragile like armor it keeps us sheltered and isolated from the inner systems and their state.

My prints and paintings are a chosen selection where I control forms and visions, contrast fragmented impressions and imaginings, further broken down and confused by my anxieties. My irrational moments acquire their own consolations, resulting in inserting an array of themes ranging from the circus to nostalgic memories and experiences, but are frequently overcome and fractionalized by vivid dreams often haunting and unsettling.

I drive these fragments through a portion of my mind which acts like a prism bringing a clarification to my mind, though it comes through as the strange and usual.


Maria is a printmaker and mixed media fine artist raised and still living in New York. She received her BFA degree in Printmaking from Pratt Institute. She also holds degrees in Photography and Advertising Design from F.I.T., and has trained at The Cooper Union, The New School, and the Lower East Side Printshop. Maria has shown her work throughout NYC since 2001, in both solo and group shows. Currently a teaching artist in the public schools, Maria also teaches various fine art courses and workshops to adults at a local non-for-profit art school and gallery. Before teaching, Maria worked as a graphic designer and gallery/curatorial assistant, at a variety of creative firms and art spaces.

Specializing in printmaking, Maria’s artistic background includes a broad spectrum of fine art materials and techniques, which naturally inspires her students’ creativity. Her work goes beyond the common print and she uses the scope of new tools, techniques, and diverse materials to push both her students’ work and her own work forward.