Skeleton Crawl 2023

My artwork will be featured in the Skeleton Crawl from October 25th through October 31st! (Reception – Saturday, October 28th 6-9pm at 145 Sterling Place in Brooklyn, NY).

This event is particularly special to me because it breaks away from the traditional gallery approach and offers a unique experience for spooky season. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have my work showcased in such an environment. Incredibly, this event has also been recognized by TIMEOUT NY as one of the best Halloween weekend events to attend!

I will be present at the art opening on Saturday from 6-9pm.

I’m truly looking forward to starting the weekend surrounded by wonderful people and immersing myself in all the dark art on display.

More event details below:

Come visit our Haunted Art Exhibition OCT 25-31 in Brooklyn! Grab a flashlight and illuminate your way through our dimly lit gallery for a truly unique experience. 53 artists • 1 show of the creepiest fine art around.

145 Sterling Place
Gallery Hours:
Sun-Thurs // 2pm-10pm
Fri & Sat // 2pm-midnight
Events all weekend. Take your pick.

Thursday, OCT 26: 8pm
Poetry & music @founders_music

Friday, OCT 27: 9pm-midnight

Saturday, OCT 28: 6-9pm

Sunday, OCT 29: 7pm

FREE / Suggested Donation
$5 donation = a sticker to add to the wall of bloody tears
$10 donation = entry in our Spider Toss Raffle for a chance to win a Polaroid iType Camera ($140 value)

Cash bar & spooky vibes. Costumes always encouraged

Liza Lou – Color Field… “Field of Togetherness”

Truth.. There is something that the viewer no matter how successful the message is delivered thru the work cannot experience, and that is the experience of the process.
Then we have Color Field by Liza Lou. I love that this artist brought in other people to produce this work being that it has so much to do with “uncelebrated labor.” Most of the time artists work alone. Our concepts are so internal and personal. Our experience with the process is solely our own. This art celebrates labor, celebrates the attention to the process of making something. That is why now when I look at this piece I find so much joy and happiness. I feel the togetherness of strangers being civilized and human to one another. The stories they share.. The bonding they experienced through process.. As an artist it reminds me that even when the viewer doesn’t understand what it is viewing.. well it doesnt even always matter. If people don’t take the time to understand what is presented in front of them well it is truly their loss!
Thank you Liza Lou! heart emoticon #lizalou #colorfield #lizalouartist

The new Whitney Museum NYC – Art events for Kids! Why viewing art is important for children.

The new Whitney is an amazing museum. I will post a review of it for adults soon. In short I can say as a native New Yorker and artist for over 20 years, this is the best thing that has happened for the arts in NYC in a long time. I highly encourage artists, art lovers and the art curious to get to their current opening exhibition, America is Hard to See on view until Sept 27th.

Recently the Whitney had one of their special events for families and children. “Whitney Family Programs offer interactive tours, art making workshops, and special events that encourage kids and adults to learn about art together.”

I truly wish more families encouraged the arts and the act of art viewing specifically in the museum setting for their children. As a teaching artist, I have seen first hand when showing children artwork that is new, out-of-the-box or unfamiliar, it brings them excitement, curiosity, imagination, instant joy and confidence. Confidence just by viewing artwork? How? Seeing new artwork sparks and excites their brains and creativity, which makes them feel happy and excited that they are learning and seeing things which they haven’t before, often realizing (at times subconsciously) immediately this is not something they learned in school. When they go home and to school parents have often told me how excited they were to talk about the art they learned about in art class, and how good and happy it made them feel. I strongly believe learning new and alternative things from the “norm” is extremely gratifying, enlightening, encouraging and builds up the confidence to seek out more new and unfamiliar things, while generating skills for learning that can be applied with other subjects as well. Once again, this is all just from the viewing of art.
Here are some links to the Whitney’s past kids event and information on the programs they have available.




See my work in Philly!

Green Line Café is delighted to present “ Delicate Abstractions ” a solo exhibition by NYC artist Maria Alekseev a printmaker, painter and teaching artist.

Delicate Abstractions: From The Abstract, Form Emerges” is an ongoing exploration of nature and form, as well as a constant love affair with materials and process.

“The form and the process must always be connected to the psychological” Louise Bourgeois

 Maria’s artwork is focused and inspired by nature, biological forms and patterns, the anatomy of the human body and our emotions; combined with color, line, and materials. Thoughts such as the apprehension of the unknown, undiscovered and the unfamiliar and things we struggle to grasp that the earth gives us… our skin, its vulnerability. The vulnerability and decay of nature and within our bodies. Everything she does relates to nature.

“I am intrigued by the concept of hybridization; the fusing of biological forms that at first glance appear to be unrelated. I enjoy contrast something we know as beautiful and combining elements that may be off-putting or less expected. I am also totally in love with the materials I use, and the processes in which I use them.

As an abstract artist I sees things very conceptually. Beauty in a way of images being broken down and reassembled. Taking an area within view or imagined and recreating it as a new and enlightened image. Recreating and recombining nature’s patterns, making them even more beautiful and unique. Making them appear in ways that maybe nature intended them to be or not. Without nature there wouldn’t be art. I feel my work shows us nature’s beauty as well as it’s vulnerability and ugliness; it’s complexities and its similarities while intersecting the ideas of the familiar and the unknown.”

In this show you will see a variety of materials. “This work began with my studying printmaking at Pratt Institute and has evolved since. Some included are etching, latex, handmade papers, watercolor, inks and unprimed canvas, which I adore. The rawness of paper and unprimed canvas really sets the tone for me every time. Most recently I have begun to add visuals and ideas about the circus! This is where I am headed now and can be seen in my most recent painting titled “Reaching Out to New Horizons.”


Green Line Café
Powelton Village location
3649 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia

 Maria Alekseev

Delicate Abstractions is on view May/June 2015