The Acid Circus

The Acid Circus represents my latest artistic series, comprising a collection of newly crafted etchings that have taken shape in the sanctuary of my home studio, a place where my cherished personal etching press has become an instrumental accomplice. The genesis of this press dates back to my formative years as a student at The Pratt Institute, when practicality dictated the necessity of enabling work from home to accommodate my daily commute and the constraints of campus hours.

Gravitational Attractions 4″x5″ SOLD

My venture into The Acid Circus embodies both a creative challenge to my prior paintings, exploring an alternative medium, and a deliberate endeavor to imbue my narratives with an intimate and fragile essence. It is the fascinating interplay between acid and metal that has long captivated my artistic sensibilities within this etching process. My profound connection to this method transcends the realm of art, resonating with personal echoes of health-related concerns and medical anxieties. The etching’s intrinsic fusion with the acids contributes to the imagery that unfolds before me as I work within this medium.

Altered Balance 2″x2.5″

Furthermore, the framing of these works is not a mere afterthought but a conscious, motivational element that has been integral to this series’ conception and my vision for the finished masterpieces. In juxtaposition to conventional printmaking traditions, I have deliberately pushed boundaries, experimenting with editioning variations, framing styles, signatures, borders, and more. Each piece stands as a holistic creation, where the frame isn’t merely a vessel for the contents but an integral part of the artwork’s expression. My journey in this regard was profoundly influenced by a magnificent book gifted to me, which explored the historical significance of frames in art across centuries. Embracing this insight, I have assumed the role of curator, making deliberate choices that imbue each work with a unique visual narrative.

When one acquires a piece from The Acid Circus, they are not just purchasing an etching; they are securing a complete work of art, from inception to presentation, created solely by the artist’s hand. These frames, culled from my personal collection over time, impart a distinctive and singular character to each print, rendering them one-of-a-kind treasures, each resonating with a deeply personal connection.