Earth Day

I celebrate Earth Day every day. My artwork and every day creative mind is always focused and inspired by nature, science, biology, patterns, life, color, and emotion. The apprehension of the unknown, undiscovered, forgotten and the unfamiliar. (which makes me whole) What we struggle to grasp that the earth gives us… our skin, its vulnerability. The vulnerability and decay of nature and our bodies…. Everything I do and think about ties into nature.

As an abstract artist I see things very conceptually. Beauty in a way of images being broken down and reassembled. Taking an area within view of imagined and recreating it as a new and enlightened image.. Recreating nature’s patterns making them even more beautiful and unique. Making them in ways that maybe nature intended them to be or not.

Without nature there wouldn’t be art. But without artists we would not appreciate it’s true beauty.

So thank you to the Earth for all it’s wonder and thank you to our past and present creative minds for enriching and being open-minded, innovative, inventive, ingenious, imaginative and inspired by what it gives to us!