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Artist on Overload, It’s all business

Image Maria Alekseev 2015 Series: My Words. My Gifts.. Original Painting is without added text.

So previously I expressed some of my thoughts having to do with feeling creatively overloaded. There is another whole topic of being overwhelmed, and it is the business side of being an artist. As an artist we have to be a graphic designer, a web designer, a marketing genius, a social media guru, photographer, writer, editor, critic, secretary, framer and the list goes on. I’m often struggling with promoting my work and myself. I actually feel like my work is quite decent and not many artists can say that out loud! For me a lot of my downfall is my lack of networking and marketing. I am also extremely not social and do not enjoy chitchat and trekking to the city to talk to strangers. Don’t get me wrong I am professional, friendly, knowledgeable in the contemporary art realm and can carry a conversation and job quite well, but this burden artists have to be a social and networking butterfly is one I just do not like to engage in.
I have made a lot of recent progress starting with a new logo design, business card, website redesign (still in progress), separate artist Instagram account and Facebook page. Yet every day I find myself adding more and more to a “To do” list already a mile long. Keeping up with social media as a way of promotion is rough. The constant need to engage and interact with comments and posts with my current audience, as well as create content for new fans can be a full time job in itself. I am not the type of artist that does these paintings a day or drawing a day gigs that I see some have created for themselves. Why? Well honestly making work does not come that easy to me. Every doodle and mark I make is excruciatingly painful. I often have ideas but still don’t find enough motivation to run into the studio and do them. And too often I start work and do not finish it. This is another post in itself.
So there is this constant need to involve my audience which although currently feels rather small or like I am talking to myself, doesn’t really matter because I have to work hard be it 10 fans or 10,000.
My website still needs a lot of work, sections updated and features added. I honestly wish I could just use all my energy to make work, yet I cant help feeling like if no one cares about the work I already made then well why make more? And the answer which keeps me going and creating is, I know I can still top myself and until I do my best I will not give up! And I am pretty damn proud of my current work and have seen vast improvement. I also think it is unique, distinctive and has a beautiful feminine quality which makes me feel peace, and well feminine.
Check out the About section of my site to read my Artist Statement. (ha! Another thing that needs updating!)

Artist on overload

image: 2015 Series: My words, My Gifts..
image: Maria Alekseev 2015 Series: My words, My Gifts…

As an artist I tend to often feel overwhelmed, astounded, overloaded yet passionate, free and joy. When you can find an immeasurable interest, curiosity and beauty in so many things, your daily life feels like a constant research project!

Learning, analyzing, dissecting, questioning, looking, absorbing, it never ends! It is everywhere you go and impossible to turn off. Imagine going to a college class 24 hours a day, that is the simplest way I can define it.


Then we have a trip to a museum! Oh boy! The joyous and dreaded museum visit! Although museums of course are one of my favorite places to visit, I have to be very ready for such a day. Artists don’t simply go to the museum and go look at some paintings. It is all of the earning, analyzing, dissecting, questioning, looking, absorbing I just describe plus a whole lot more. This is where the responsive and emotional facet comes in, paired with the wrenching soul searching, self-doubt and self worth. The rethinking, relearning, re-dissecting everything you thought you already thought out! Then comes the rush and flood of ideas for your work. It is a roller coaster of emotions that is quite unreal and tends to chew you up and spit you out! It usually turns into a rather passionate and super intense day.


The internet can also have this effect at times. It is like living the biggest library and museum in your home, office or even on the go with cell phones! I often find myself reading up about artists or researching topics I may be thinking about for my work. I don’t get to museums as often as I like so I do view some shows online when possible.

I would really love to hear how some other artists deal with the overwhelming amount of interests and things they find beautiful. Head over to and let me know! Either write a post of feel free to send me a direct private message!