Sin + Control series

Sin + Control draws inspiration from personal experiences and ideas involving the body and movement. The series reflects the emotions, passions, and intimate stories that I hold dear to my heart.

I spent 15 years of my life dedicated to dance until I was diagnosed with essential tremor, a lifelong illness that causes tremors and muscle weakness throughout my body. This diagnosis forced me to confront my fears and limitations every day, and I was unable to return to dance due to the physical challenges posed by my condition.

The images in my paintings depict contortions and control, which symbolize my emotional responses to having my dream and destiny “stolen” from me. Despite losing control of my own body, I find solace in the images of dancers in various positions, highlighting both their contortions as they push their bodies further and the strength they possess to create and hold these positions.

The concept of “sin” in this series reflects the feeling that something terrible has happened to me and the sense of betrayal from those who failed to support my dreams. Moreover, the idea of dance is portrayed as devious, sexual, and arousing, adding a layer of complexity to the emotions conveyed in the series.