Embracing Fragments of Self

New painting titled “Embracing Fragments of Self” from the “Sin + Seek Truth” series.

Fragments, unraveling, dreams, whispers and splintered echoes are some concepts I’m thinking about. This piece is about self reflection. Feeling and experiencing the losses breaking and unraveling, but remaining passionate. Using these forces and fragments of colors in new ways and becoming the queen you know you are. Her crown, her golden arm symbolizing her strength. Her bleeding costume hat and broken pieces are reminders of her past challenges. Her top, a deep black quietly mourns her loss, her collar takes on new colors, those fragments have already begun to rebuild.

Hand-painted with a fusion of acrylic & watercolor atop a discovered image on paper. Priced at $300, this captivating piece awaits your personal collection. Reach out to make it yours today!

“Embracing Fragments of Self” – 2023, 12″ x 16″