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I recently was part of a zoom artist roundtable with art advisor Maria Vogel from Rococo Art Advisory. I’ve had so many ideas along the years but never pulled the trigger on most of them.

I finally decided to start celebrating and focusing more on my accomplishments from the past 30 years in my field, rather than the goals not reached or missed opportunities. To push myself firmer on marketing strategies, as well as pursuing more of my ideas and implementing more of the advice from professionals in my specialized field.

Maria Vogel created an art gathering which also focuses on art gatherings and food.

This is what inspired me to begin my artist meet-up group which I now titled Artist Social Collective.

“Maria Vogel is taking the art world to dinner. The art advisor and writer recently launched Rococinco, a dinner party series that celebrates five emerging to mid-career artists through a five-course meal. These repasts are an extension of her art advisory firm Rococo, which seeks to build connections through unique modes of storytelling.”

During the discussion the Futurist Cookbook was also discussed when Vogel was taking about her inspiration.

“Part manifesto, part artistic joke, Fillippo Marinetti’s Futurist Cookbook is a provocative work about art disguised as an easy-to-read cookbook. Here are recipes for ice cream on the moon; candied atmospheric electricities; nocturnal love feasts; sculpted meats. Marinetti also sets out his argument for abolishing pasta as ill-suited to modernity and advocates a style of cuisine that will increase creativity. Although at times betraying its author’s nationalistic sympathies, The Futurist Cookbook is funny, provocative, whimsical, disdainful of sluggish traditions and delighted by the velocity and promise of modernity”

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