Group & private lessons given in my home studio (or your home)

My students Favorite!
Large Abstract Painting for Kids!

Students will get the rare opportunity to paint LARGE! No more being confined to a tabletop painting. These lessons encourages a well-thought-out approach to abstract painting.
Lessons include: what is abstract painting and how do we come up with these ideas, how to look at painting from a distance, large compositions design, color theory and mark marking.

Just Added! New For Fall!
Creative Sketchbook – Paint & Pens
4 to 6 week workshop (meets once a week)

Learn simple exercises for releasing creative inhibitions in your sketchbook. Practice with pens and paint learning then how to lose control and gain control or your imagery. I guarantee you will be hooked! This is a great way to get comfortable with paint, color palettes and ink while training your eye and mind to see things differently. We will discuss how to take these exercises and work them into larger paintings and finished pieces of work!

“Special Adult Workshops”
4 to 6 week workshops (meets once a week)

Abstracts in Watercolor
Learn techniques to achieve textures and luminescent marks that only watercolors can create! Tools and techniques on how to discover and create the content for abstract images/paintings. ($10 supply fee)

Ink, Paint, Draw + Image Transfers
Learn how to use inks, watercolor, pens, drawing materials and image transfer techniques. Artists can work with photography, as well as previously made drawings or prints. This is a great class for using new materials and exploring an intuitive and liberating approach to your work. ($10 supply fee)

Learn this spontaneous approach to printmaking, with tools artists use without a press. Learn multiple plate printing and more! This technique can be used alone of with other media. ($10 supply fee)

Personalized Fine Art Classes  –  Offered for Adult + Children (Supplies included unless noted. Duration is decided by student)

Color Theory/ Color Mixing Techniques
This workshop will help you develop unique color combinations in your own individual projects.
Using acrylic paint, students will learn how to create any color from just primary colors, black and white paint. They will learn how to mix colors, tints, shades and values. Learn the secret to making a more sophisticated palette. Students also learn unique techniques for choosing color palettes for their future work.

Abstract Drawing (Graphite, Charcoal, Colored pencils, Pastels)
Students explore assorted drawing materials and various methods of layering color as well as color mixing and interaction. Still life, working from photo references as well as the imagination are encouraged.

Acrylic / Watercolor Painting Techniques
Students explore the two mediums; learn their specific differences and how to control the paint. They learn about different tools and mediums that can be added to the paint and used to create various effects. Then through medium of choice we go on to create work through the artist’s inspiration.

Clay Techniques (Air Dry Clay- Hand building, carving and modeling)
Air-dry clays are easy to use and model, and best of all, doesn’t need a kiln to fire. Students learn how to sculpt their creations by learning various hand building clay techniques. Building, carving and finishing techniques are incorporated. ($20 supply fee)

Mixed Media Paint and Collage
Explore the innate beauty of found and re-purposed paper; photos; and objects found in attics, studios, junk shops, streets, and alleyways to create works of art. After viewing and discussing the work and personal direction of professional artists in these mediums, students produce a small body of work. (students are asked to bring some found materials)


Explore and develop a personal direction by working on independent projects with the instructor’s guidance. Students are encouraged to produce a body of either two- and/or three-dimensional works. Class includes group discussions, presentation, and framing methods. (students are asked to bring some found materials)


I offer a wide variety of classes, based on medium, technique, and level, for adults and children ages 5 and up. Lessons take place in my home studio or in your home. Lessons are one-on-one, Small groups of 4 also available. I am well versed in multiple mediums and techniques.

Basic supplies are included unless noted.

Art Lessons for Children 4 and up

One on One or Small Group (siblings and friends)

Providing children with an education in fine art, customized to their level, interests and needs, using good quality artist materials. Taylor made instruction that will empower and inspire your child’s gifts! Learn professional artist techniques that allows for self-expression and self-confidence. I design all of my courses specifically for each student, considering their age, past experience with artist materials, interests and goals both discussed with the student and parent.

Lessons will include one-on-one fine art history, materials and techniques; including color theory, composition, design and balance. We will look at chosen artists work relating to lessons and discuss their concepts and art making process.

Lessons are customized to each individual’s creative abilities and understanding of art and materials. I guide students through their work allowing for incorporating their ideas rather than fearing a mistake or worry about final outcome.

***Lessons that take place in my home studio include supplies and an art reference library.

(Lessons on location include most supplies)

Art Lessons for Adults

Adult lessons include one-on-one guidance to help artists solve technical and/or conceptual problems in their work and will bring a fresh start to the creative process. The goal is to encourage the voice and vision of the artist, which supports the creation of work, by pushing the boundaries of the work and the artist.

Together we will explore how artists today incorporate the diverse elements of mediums into their work, and the ways in which you can best translate your own work using your chosen medium as well as exploring new ones. Each participant will have a chance to explore techniques that will enrich their work and practice, including printmaking techniques, painting, inks and various drawing and mark making mediums.

***Lessons that take place in my home studio include supplies, an art reference library and Internet.

(Lessons on location include most supplies)

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