Student Art


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Abstract art is where my artistic passion lies. Complete freedom of expression and exploration are my main objectives when teaching art to my students. My portfolio of student work displays this even when working with my youngest students. By introducing them to master artists I give them examples, guidelines and ideas to work from. Though my teaching style is not cookie-cutter where the entire class of students creates what they see. Through my direction, instruction and demonstration of art materials, as well as creative dialogue sparking their imagination, my students create works of art, which through the influence of the artworks being presented becomes new, innovative, personal and an inspiring piece of fine art.

I am a fine artist with well-versed skills in numerous mediums, exceptionally in printmaking and painting. I absolutely love working with many artist materials and thrive on working with their variances and exploiting them in inventive and intuitive ways. Throughout my education and career I have studied various art histories and have an up-to-date knowledge of contemporary art and criticism.

As a teaching artist I aim to create an environment for the students to discover their inner artist through experimenting and learning how to use a variety of materials, while learning that art takes practice and exploration. Through my instruction my students come away with an understanding of color theory, art historic contextual principles and inquiries, visual art design and composition and most of all allowing oneself the freedom of expression that comes with the world of life as an artist.

My role as a teaching artist is to influence my students in a positive way that allows them to feel inventiveness with their ideas while I give them the tools and skills it takes to make unique and personal works of art. Through my teaching I have seen my students grow with confidence and joy, creatively problem solve with self-assurance through technique, intellect, artistic and innovative searching and challenges, while successfully setting goals and achieving the results.